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How to Pick the Perfect Picnic Rug for Aussie Summers?

How to Pick the Perfect Picnic Rug for Aussie Summers?

It takes a keen eye to pick out a good picnic rug and boho picnic rugs can be your go-to! Here are 5 main essentials to look out for when choosing a picnic rug.

  1. Size of the picnic mat.
  2. Material of the picnic mat.

Aussies certainly know how to make the best of a good ol’ Australian summer, a great time of the year not only for beach and adventure lovers but also for anyone who loves gathering with friends and family outdoors. 

How to Pick the Perfect Picnic Rug for Aussie Summers

One great way to do that is by hosting great picnics!

If you’re planning on putting together a memorable picnic with your mates or rellies, you’ve got to make sure that you bring along the best picnic rug or blanket. A good picnic rug can be laid on the ground to create a cosy space that is free of dirt, sand, sticks and insects, where everyone can be seated as comfortably as possible. As an essential for your excursions to the park, beach, or in the outback, the right rug can maximise your enjoyment and time spent in the great outdoors. To pick out the best picnic rugs in Australia, we’ve got a few pointers for you!

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What makes a good picnic rug?

good picnic rug

Picnic rugs can be found everywhere, but it takes a keen eye to pick out a good one. Here are 5 main essentials to look out for when choosing a picnic rug for yourself.


When it comes to picnic mats, the size is part of the consideration. Large or regular-sized picnic rugs are both great when it comes to spending time in the great Australian outdoors. The decision really depends on whetjer you’re hosting an intimate group or a huge party! 

Your picnic blanket should be roomy enough to accommodate friends, family, food and drinks, bags, essentials, and of course, space for leisure activities. 

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A picnic is a social event where people can let their hair down, chill and relax. It is therefore crucial that your picnic rug is made out of comfortable materials so that everyone can socialise and enjoy the outdoors together! Its texture should not be itchy or rough to the touch, and should be soft but not delicate. Your picnic rug should be durable and thick, such that it allows for a soft barrier between you and the ground, and doesn’t get punctured by rocks or sticks. 

Outdoor blankets are usually made out of a variety of materials, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, acrylic, polypropylene (for warm weather), or fleece and wool (for colder weather). Since we’re prepping for Aussie summers, consider getting a picnic rug made out of materials such as polyester, which makes it durable and lightweight! Did you know that Hendeer picnic rugs are thoughtfully woven together using a blend of cotton and recycled polyester, sourced from plastic bottles and waste diverted from landfills and our precious oceans? Its woven construction makes it suitable for ground cover to shield you from grass or sand. 

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Ease of maintenance

Many things can happen at a picnic event. Food and drink spill when things get rowdy. Unexpected weather changes. Kids and pets getting up to mischief. This means it’s actually a good consideration to purchase a picnic rug that can be easily cleaned after use, without compromising on its quality and durability for future use. We’d say a waterproof or water-resistant rug is ideal, but a rug that can tolerate a machine wash and tumble drying makes maintaining it as easy as pressing a few buttons! Hendeer rugs are particularly easy to clean in that respect – you just have to make sure to do a cold wash on a delicate cycle (front loader preferred), and air or tumble dry on a gentle cycle.

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Your picnic rug can be the best investment you’ve ever made, especially if you can use it for more than just picnics! Imagine splurging on a beautiful picnic rug, but only getting to use it once or twice a year for picnics. Wouldn’t that be a shame? 

Here’s how Hendeer’s multipurpose boho picnic rugs have an edge over basic picnic mats. Not only can you use it as a picnic rug, it can also be used as:

  • A decorative throw around the home
  • A blanket you can snuggle with 
  • A seat or lounge cover
  • A wrap to shield you from the wind or cold
  • A shawl that matches your Boho outfit at concerts and festivals
  • A camping mat to glam up your style
  • An indoor floor rug, with an anti-slip mat underneath on hard flooring
  • Wall tapestry as an alternative to wall art
  • A coverlet on your bed for a burst of colour;
  • Or even a tablecloth! 

Whether you’re camping in the outback, living on the road or building a cosy space in Australia to call home, the possibilities of their use are endless. And as we always say, you’re only limited by your imagination!

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It may sound superficial – but how your picnic rug looks affects the whole vibe of the party! A dull, uninspiring piece of fabric is not going to cut it if you want your picnic gathering to reach its fullest potential. When your guests arrive to see a beautiful picnic setup, you’re setting the tone for a good time ahead. 

Our recommendation when it comes to great designs, is obviously, a boho picnic blanket from Hendeer. Our boho picnic rugs don’t simply serve as a functional piece of cloth or fabric. It’s stylishly designed from the heart using recycled materials and with the environment in mind. 

Our artisan boho picnic blankets come in 20 unique, whimsical and eclectic designs, coupled with rich, earthy colours, patterns and textures. They soften with every use and every wash, so the more you use it, the more comfortable it will feel! 

To top it all off, Hendeer’s picnic rugs are yarn dyed and not printed, so the bold geometric nomadic designs will not fade, but rather remain bright and striking in the sun and after every wash. With a variety of designs, you can certainly choose a pattern that fits your vibe! 

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girl chilling with picnic rug

Let our rugs boost your creativity and bring out the Bohemian spirit in you. Prices start from $109 in the regular size (130x160cm), but feel free to take it up a notch and bring home a larger one! With all the above considerations in mind, Hendeer’s intricately designed rugs will surely make it to the list of best picnic rugs in Australia.