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We are an Australian Lifestyle Brand with a vision to create striking pieces that will enhance your life!

We are committed to making beautiful and practical products. Our brand lends itself to the full appreciation of beauty and art combined with functionality. Our aim is to contribute (no matter how small) to a more comfortable and charming world, by applying playful simplicity and functionality to our designs, that will ultimately add to your enjoyment. 

We dream of a life and home where simplicity and beauty reign supreme. Where sometimes less is more. Fusing fashion and function in design. Combining minimalism, warmth and colour resulting in striking, timeless pieces, while not forgetting texture to add more layers of visual interest to any piece.

HENDEER craves to deliver stylish, warm & spirited pieces that evoke emotion!

Although we are only in the early years of our HENDEER story, with a select few pieces to launch our range, we invite you to grow together with our brand as we introduce more and more collections in the future. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.


The HENDEER Family xoxo