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Hendeer proudly partners with i=Change on an ongoing initiative with a committed donation for every sale to a charity of your choice.

We feel very fortunate to be able to use our platform to give back to the community through 3 life-changing projects very close to our hearts.

It feels good that your purchase now goes beyond our product and supports incredibile charities that work tirelessly to support our most vulnerable and protect our sacred land.

Prevent our Extinction Crisis
Australia's unique ecosystems face alarming mammal extinction rates and species decline. WWF is rewilding Australia by reintroducing locally-extinct species, utilizing science and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge. Quolls, devils, bandicoots, potoroos, and bettongs play vital roles in regulating ecosystems and engineering processes such as soil turnover and seed germination, fostering biodiversity regeneration.
The Australian Childhood Foundation is a leading organization, supporting children to recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence. The Foundation provides specialist support to help children heal and feel safe, while educating and empowering communities to safeguard children from abuse.

Foodbank already provides food relief to over 1 million Australians per month. In the past year, 3.7 million households experienced food insecurity - that's more than the number of households in Sydney and Melbourne combined.


For every $1 donated, Foodbank can create two meals for someone doing it tough. Funds raised will help Foodbank support communities trying to survive cost-of-living expenses and natural disasters of growing intensity and frequency.

How does it work?

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