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How to Throw The Perfect Boho Picnic Party?

How to Throw The Perfect Boho Picnic Party?

How to Throw The Perfect Boho Picnic Party

Thinking of taking your outdoor picnic parties up a notch? Why not go “Boho”?

No matter what time of year, a Boho (short for Bohemian) theme gives you a reason to dress up for the season and spend some time outdoors – all while looking and feeling fabulous! It’s a wonderful way to dine outdoors in style, whether you’re getting together to celebrate a special occasion or simply just reconnecting with friends and family.

If this sounds like a theme right up your alley, we’ve got some handy tips on how you can throw the perfect Boho picnic party that will surely become a core memory for everyone. 

What does Boho mean?

what is boho mean

But first, let us dive a little into what Boho stands for. 

Boho, or Bohemian, is commonly used in the last two centuries to refer to an unconventional and artistic way of life. 

But the origins of this word actually came from the French, who used the word to describe Roma people or Gypsies, a wandering group of nomads, as they were thought to have come from Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic).

The Romanis were people who rejected predominant societal norms and lived differently from mainstream culture. 

Over the years, the term Bohemian started being used on artists who defied fashion trends. Bohemian has gradually evolved to this day to simply mean an aspirational lifestyle that upholds the values of freedom, adventure and creativity. A Boho person is often someone engaged in artistic, literary and musical pursuits.

So what is a Boho picnic, exactly?

Boho picnic setup

When applying Bohemian concepts to a picnic, you’ve got to think creatively. This means you’ll need to be exploring bright colours and bold designs in your decor, breaking boundaries through mix-and-match, while not compromising on comfort! 

Now let’s get into how you can turn these ideas into reality. Just remember, YOU are now the artist of this amazing to-be picnic! 

How to set up a Boho picnic?

There are a few essentials you’ll need to build a cosy space for your Boho picnic party. With these key items, you can overlap patterns and colours to bring out the whole Bohemian vibe! Read on for the key requirements that we recommend:

Boho picnic blankets

The number one item on your picnic must-haves list is, of course, the picnic mat! For your Boho ground cover, you should choose a blanket or rug that not only matches the theme perfectly but also is made of excellent quality. Your mat should be durable and thick to protect you from rough ground or moisture from the grass, yet comfortable and easy to clean.

Hendeer’s Boho picnic rugs will make the perfect choice for this purpose! With 20 whimsical and eclectic designs for you to choose from, each one of them comes in rich, earthy colours, unique patterns and interesting textures. Your setup will stand out with fabrics that are soft to the touch, beautiful to look at, seriously comfy to sit on, and spacious enough to fit all your picnic essentials and guests! 

There’s no better way to make your picnic party as Boho as it can be than with a Hendeer picnic rug.

Boho picnic tables

Bohemian picnic parties can’t do without low picnic tables to set the mood! 

Consider making them yourself by stacking pallets and securing them together, before covering them up with a Boho blanket from Hendeer, which can also be used as a tablecloth (how versatile, right?). 

If you’re concerned about an uneven table surface, you can certainly use wooden serving platters or placemats to add on some extra support for your guests. This will make sure that food and drinks don’t spill by falling into the cracks! 

You also don’t have to go through all the hassle of making it yourself, especially if being crafty is not your expertise. Alternatively, simply use a low portable table or coffee table that you already have at home!

Boho cushions and ottomans

To add a pop of colour and also create comfortable seating, Boho cushions should be added to your setup! If you don’t already have outdoor or floor pillows at home, you could also use pouffes, bean bag chairs or even old pillows!

Don’t forget to use cushion covers in the quintessential Bohemian style, so think of bright colours and bold geometric designs! Pillows or cushions with a fringe will certainly make a bold Boho statement, too.

Boho picnic baskets

What’s a Bohemian picnic without a wicker picnic basket that’s oh-so-Pinterest and IG-worthy? 

A picnic basket is quintessential to any Boho picnic party, creating a vintage look while of course, being absolutely functional at the same time. A picnic basket can help you pack, transport and organise all the food and essentials that you’ll need during the picnic. It’s a practical addition, with some that provide insulation to help you keep your food and drinks stay at the right temperatures.

There are even some picnic baskets that come with plates, glasses, cheese board and cutlery. You’ll never arrive unprepared! P.s. Don’t forget your napkins, too!

Boho umbrellas 

We all know the weather can be erratic, so you’ll really never truly know if it’s going to suddenly rain, or if it’s going to be too hot. Either way, it’ll help to have umbrellas at your picnic, so your guests can be shielded from the elements, rain or shine! 

A great way to make a Boho statement is to use an outdoor umbrella with a fringe, which gives that classic look to a Bohemian setup. Furthermore, it’ll make a good backdrop or prop for all the photos that you’ll all be taking! 

If umbrellas ain’t your thing, you can also use a decorative canopy or an open tent. Stringing lights on them will also add a touch of romance and charm. Talk about Instagram-worthy shots! 

Boho hammocks and chairs

A Bohemian picnic party is where you and your guests can kick back, relax and enjoy a day out together. One way to take that relaxation up a notch is to bring one or two hammocks and outdoor chairs with you, so besides gathering on a picnic rug, your guests can be free to roam around the space, to either socialise or even get some me-time! Add on a Boho throw from Hendeer onto any hammock or portable chair, and you’ll glam up the seat and make it feel extra cosy. So much so that your guests will want to sit in them all day! 

Boho flowers and scents

With the core essentials prepared for your picnic, you’ll now need to add some decorative flair to your setup. Flowers work like magic, and will always add life to your party! Fresh flowers would of course be ideal, but fake flowers will suffice. You can place small bouquets in vases of various heights in different corners of the environment, and also on the low tables that you have prepared. 

Relaxation is key in the Bohemian vibe. To help your guests soak in the atmosphere and feel comfortable at your picnic party, you can also bring along candles or diffusers to create an environment that is both comforting and refreshing. Some fragrances perfect for the Boho chic aesthetic are: Rose, Sage, Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus. Basically anything earthy and relaxing fits!

Even better, you can also choose scents that act as a natural bug repellent, such as citronella, cinnamon and mint. These scents can also help stimulate the human brain to be more alert and energetic. Anything to make sure your party is popping with energy! 

Boho throw blankets 

Not all picnics are held when it’s sunny! Sometimes it can even get quite chilly, especially when night falls. This is also a valid concern if you live in a windy region! 

With this in mind, always be sure to have more throws and blankets (in the Boho style, of course) on hand. Mixing them up in different shades, styles and textures will really help to create those soft Boho vibes. This way, not only will your guests snuggle up in warmth, they’ll also get an extra touch of Bohemian added to their outfit too! 

Boho music

Finally, turn up the Boho vibe with a playlist of relaxing and chill lounge music. Be sure to bring along some portable speakers so you’re not resorting to playing the music off your mobile devices! 

For song choices, you can either pick a pre-set Boho playlist off Spotify, or curate the music tracks yourself beforehand to make sure everything is as you prefer. 

When you put all of the above together, it’s a winning combination for the ultimate Bohemian picnic party of your dreams. Now let’s move on to our next picnic priority. 

Foods to bring for a Boho picnic

food required during boho picnic

After deliberating on the picnic set-up, you’ll have to move on to putting thought into the next most important thing at picnics: the food. 

Since the Boho culture is nomadic by nature, your food choices should be varied and allow for more freedom of choice! It’s also important that you keep it light, fresh and simple, as you’ll certainly need food that is easy to transport and carry.

One way to do this is with charcuterie and grazing boards! Here are some food ideas to fill them up with: 

  • Cheese, of course
  • Olives
  • Crackers
  • Easy-to-prepare fruits, like grapes, berries and cherries
  • Cured meats
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Dips, such as hummus
  • Flat bread
  • Celery and carrot sticks
  • Potato chips

Don’t forget to bring plates and cutlery! You can go the extra mile by picking tableware with colourful designs. For a nice Boho touch, take your pick from palm leaf designs to geometric patterns. If you opt for disposables, be sure to use ones that are recyclable and eco-friendly. 

For drinks, we recommend bubbles, wine, punch or even home-brewed kombucha. To complement the overall theme, use Boho cups or mason jars with reusable straws! 

What to wear to a Boho picnic?

Your guests can play a part in transforming your Boho picnic party into THE ULTIMATE Boho picnic party with their attire! So if they’re up for it, invite them to dress up for the picnic as well.

You’ll have to provide them with a style guide for inspiration on how to create the look. For women, the perfect modern Boho look involves floral and botanical prints, geometric patterns, flowy sleeves, bright colours, lace, frills, tassels and feathers! For men, consider earthy colours, lightweight button-ups, airy pants, long cardigans – and of course, geometric patterns too. 

To top it all off, accessorise with floppy hats, long necklaces, and drop bangles and earrings. You could even encourage your guests to use a Hendeer blanket as a shawl! 

The best picnics start with a Hendeer picnic rug!

boho picnic rug

Our lightweight woven tapestry picnic rugs are exclusively designed for you and the environment in mind. They’re so versatile that they can be used in many different ways at your picnic – as a mat, table cloth, blanket throw or an on-theme shawl! Woven thoughtfully using a blend of cotton and recycled polyester, our rugs come in intricate and irresistible Boho designs that will be perfect for all your guests at any picnic party.

Their use is only limited by your imagination. Now, it’s time to let your best picnic parties begin.

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