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Bohemian Interiors: How to Style Hendeer’s Rugs and Cushion Covers in Your Home

Bohemian Interiors: How to Style Hendeer’s Rugs and Cushion Covers in Your Home

Every home has a story to tell. Looking to infuse a hypnotic bohemian vibe into your home décor story?

Why not use rugs and cushion covers to add a dash of colour and comfort to your interiors? After all, few coverings can match the vibe and beauty of boho throw rugs and cushion covers. Place them around casually, and they can liven up any space in a jiffy! If this sounds like something you would like to do, we have the perfect styling tips to amp-up your home with Hendeer’s rugs and cushion covers.

So, What Do Hendeer’s Rugs and Cushion Covers Offer?

It’s easy to find rugs and cushion covers almost everywhere, but not all of them have the intrinsic style and beauty that can add character to a setting. Here’s how Hendeer’s boho rugs and cushion covers can redefine every corner in your home.


Bohemian design

When it comes to design, Hendeer cushion covers and rugs can leave you mesmerised. From bold geometric patterns to folk art designs and anything in between, you will find a ton of options to choose from. The charming colour combinations further enhance their appeal as home décor accessories. 

The in-house designs are drawn by hand and are inspired by art and cultures from across the world. So, if you have an eye for designs inspired by the native cultures of Australia or any other place, you will be thrilled to explore this range. They are just what you need to create a Bohemian oasis in your home!


Rugs and floor cushion covers often come together to create great places to relax and chill with your family and friends. Though, one thing is a must - comfort. With Hendeer rugs and cushion covers, comfort takes on a new meaning. Thanks to their soft texture and durable construction, they make the perfect accessories that can be used every day without worrying about wear and tear.

What’s more? They are easy to clean as well. This makes them an ideal choice to be used not just indoors but outdoors too.


Cushion and Rugs versatility
cushion cover decor

Hendeer rugs and cushion covers are not just well-constructed and visually gorgeous; they are also versatile.

Whether you use a woven throw as a floor rug, a cosy mat to define a low seating area, a decorative throw on your sofa, a trendy picnic rug, or a wall tapestry - this is all up to you.. The same holds for other Hendeer items as well, including cushion covers. 

How to Style up Your Home With Hendeer Rugs and Cushion Covers

Styling up your interiors can assume a new meaning when you have bright and colourful rugs and cushion covers from Hendeer at your disposal. Here’s how you can notch up the bohemian vibe of your home and take it to another level altogether:

Boho Rugs

boho rugs

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word rug? Many people visualise it as a decorative textile covering the floor, and that’s fine. After all, that’s the traditional role of a rug. But why limit it to just that when you can use it for a lot more?

Hendeer’s rugs are a great choice to be used as a colourful tablecloth during parties. They can add a whimsical touch to your table decor and make the whole dining area pop. Since these rugs are easy to clean, you won’t even have to worry about spills and dirt. With their earthy play of colours, intrinsic designs, and excellent finishes, they are sure to draw the attention of your guests.

When it comes to everyday use, add them as a throw rug on your muted-colour furniture. You can certainly use it on your living room sofa as a decorative add-on. If you are not happy with the way a certain lounge chair looks, try giving it an instant makeover using a vibrant rug blanket.

Adding an artsy pop of colour on a plain wall in your living room or bedroom can be an easy job when you have a rug nearby. Just place it on the wall, and you are done! You can turn your plain wall into a focus wall in no time at all. Yes, as simple as that.

Sometimes it’s not the house, but it’s you who needs a bit of warmth, especially during the colder days. That’s when you can turn to your Hendeer lightweight boho throw blanket and snuggle inside it with a hot cup of chocolate or coffee in your hands.

Allow your imagination to flow, and you can come up with more ideas on how to use your Hendeer rugs in your bohemian interiors.

Boho Cushion Covers

boho cusion covers and rugs in bedroom

cushion covers are good old companions, and everyone loves to have multiple of them at home. With Hendeer cushion covers, you can infuse loads of boho charm into your setup. Place them on your bed for extra comfort, and be free to add as many of them as you want. There’s no fixed number to follow!

Opt for quintessential cushion covers in bohemian style to add a pop of colour to a muted seating area. You can play around with bright colours and interesting patterns from Hendeer for a creative makeover. cushion covers with fringes are another interesting idea to experiment with when styling up your home.

girl enjoying her coffee on hendeer rugs and cushion covers

If you are yet to have floor cushion covers, it’s time you got them. Use them to create extra seating on the floor. You can even lend your living space a yurt-like home vibe with such an arrangement. Don’t forget to mix and match your Hendeer floor cushion covers in different colours to maximise your boho décor.

A soft, fluffy cushion covers with a nice cover can make an ideal bed for your pet. You can also put a cushion covers to use as a lounge chair for your four-legged paw friend.

While these are just a few ideas, you can always come up with other unique ways to use cushion covers in your home décor.

To Wrap

Sometimes people don’t realise what they need until they see the options. Allow your bohemian spirit to guide your choices as you explore the interesting collections of cushion covers and rugs at Hendeer.

We have a host of designs for you to consider. Crafted thoughtfully, each item is an ode to aesthetic beauty and creativity. Come, explore, and fall in love with the boho designs at Hendeer!