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Where can your Hendeer take you?

Where can your Hendeer take you?

For many of us, the yearning to travel, explore and adventure has never been stronger.

There are some things outside of our control, but a free spirit and a dreamer mind can never be taken away.

Wherever you are, wherever you want to be, there will be a time in the not-so-distant future when you can fill your wanderlust cup to the brim.

And, even the lightest, most bohemian nomads need a few staples in their inventory.

Hendeer woven picnic rugs are a traveller’s best friend, a convenient and versatile expression of individuality.

Where will you take yours?

At home


Given you’re probably spending a bit more time at home, it makes sense to start in your sanctuary. 

Your favourite design colours and patterns will add a splash of individuality to your space, some spirit and personality that is uniquely you.

Where you use it is up to you, whether as a centrepiece rug, hanging wall art, on your favourite armchair, or wrapped around your shoulders on those cooler days.

Home is where the heart is – so make yours warm and inviting.

At the park


Picnics, pinot and pals at the park.

Is there anything sweeter?

Parks are a treasure, for that special occasion or creating wholesome memories with the fam.

Take advantage of the sun and roll out your picnic rug for an instant good time. Just add snacks, good company, and a bottle of something delicious.

Being lightweight, it’s super easy to take with you to your favourite local patch of greenery or amongst nature at a national park. 

On the sand


Hendeer and beaches go hand in hand.

There’s something humbling about standing in the sand and taking in the endless rolling of the waves. 

Catching a sunset with your loved ones, or enjoying a bit of you-time in solitude - regular beach visits are good for the soul.

Perfectly sized for beach relaxation, you can enjoy the vistas knowing your rug is made from a recycled plastic and polyester blend, keeping it out of the ocean and away from the creatures that call it home.

Around the world


It might be hard to imagine right now, but someday soon, we’ll be sitting on a plane, en route to a magical getaway (like Nusa Penida, Bali).

Excitement bubbling in your chest after hours of planning what to do, see and experience.

Indulging your senses and immersing yourself in a new environment, a different world.

For now, all we can do is take stock of what’s important, and keep our eyes towards where we’d like to go.

And to make sure we’re ready with everything we need when that day comes.